Thursday, August 2, 2012

With fall and winter, as well as the holidays, not too far away, I thought I would post this Poinsetta pillow. I do not have a pattern for it as I made it from a vision I had in my mind. However, it is easy to make. I simply cut out various sizes of leaf shapes using polyester fabric and hand sewn them on the pillow I made for it.  The dot in the middle is a yo-yo sewn up-side down made with the same polyester fabric. The pillow you can make with any color fabric you like, any texture. Burlap would be cute, I think, so there's another option. I prefer the neutral tones but I have been asked by others if I would make it in red, green, etc. for them to buy. These are the perfect neutral tones to enjoy through the holidays and winter weather and doesn't take long to make! The small pincushion I made from a pattern in a book titled "Bags, Pillows, and Pincushions: 35 Quick and Easy Projects" by Better Homes & Gardens. P. 117-118. To me, it looks like a miniature decor pillow so I had fun with it! Hope you enjoy these fun projects-it's a great way to stay inside where it's cool and be thinking about cooler weather and the holidays!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I found a very similar bag as this on the cover of a sewing magazine and thought it was so cute I had to try making one for myself.  I am happy with the restults!  I just bought a canvas tote from a local crafting store, used some fabric I already had at home, some thread and a needle. 
Cut five three and a half inch strips into two coordinating fabrics. After cutting the strips, on four of them fold back the top of the ruffle strips about a half an inch and simply sew a basic stitch into the top of the fabric. Pull thread enough to ruffle the strips (be sure to hold the ruffle up to the the bag to make sure it will be the right size) and knot end of thread. Repeat until you have four strips ruffled and one strip left over. Hand or machine sew ruffles onto bag.  For the flower, just twist the strip and wrap in circle. Sew back of flower to keep it secure, then sew onto bag.  To add an additional little something, you can add a ribbon onto top edge of ruffle where it is sewn to bag.  I just chose not to for this particular bag.  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've always felt in my heart that decorating is my passion. However, now that I love to sew, I find myself completely unlimited by what I can do in my home. It takes decorating to a whole new level!  I used to feel frustrated when looking for home decor products and just not finding what I was looking for in the stores. Now, I just envision it and then create it! God has blessed me with the abitility to do that and I am so grateful. I will never be the same. If I want new wall art, I create it!  And the same goes for pillows, gift ideas, etc. There's an abundance of options. I can just go to my sewing machine and create whatever keeps life moving and fun! Now I am not limited by what the stores offer and I can express myself through my creativity. I've taken off the limits in my decorating and am able to decorate in a whole new way! I hope you are able to find new ways in your life to take the limits off as well. And if you do, or have already, please share about it by commenting below. I would love to hear about it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I love ruffles and lace as you can tell (also pretty fond of pearls and buttons) and am always looking for ways to incorporate them in my sewing. I really love things that are feminine and fun. I like old world romantic (which include both ruffles and lace of-course), the coziness of the textures and linens found in a country cottage (like in the movie The Holiday-Sigh), and beach cottages tend to draw me in too. Things that are made with burlap have caught my eye and my interest many times. I love various textures and looks too much to confine myself to just one style! So when I sew, it is the same way. I love experimenting with decorating in my home and so much of what you find posted on this blog will reflect that. So this is a blog where sewers can just share their love for sewing and I hope you enjoy my blog and decide to join me on my blogging journey!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Creating Makes Me Happy

As a little girl, I was afraid of the sewing machine. I would watch my mom sew and the whole time be thinking, "It's going so fast somebody's bound to get hurt." Of-course she has an old black antique Singer sewing machine that comes built into a little table (which I absolutely love now). Well, learning to operating on a sewing machine with your knee and operating it with a foot pedal, to me, was two different things. But after facing my fear, I have discovered how much I love sewing and creating things people can not only use but will also be pretty to look at! It doesn't matter if I am making a new pillow to decorate with or a skirt. I just love to sew.  Being able to do something I never imagined I would be able to and never knew would make me so happy has been very fulfilling.